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Welcome to De Vrienden van Jacob

Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg, the estate that houses De Vrienden van Jacob, exudes classic allure. The stylish entourage beautifully contrasts with the cordial, personal way in which we welcome you for lunch or dinner. Under the inspiring supervision of Executive Chef, and SVH Master Chef, Alain Alders, the kitchen staff creates culinary dishes of modern French top-class quality with a Mediterranean touch. Alders: “The combination of the estate’s classic allure and the contemporary approach is also reflected in our kitchen, where we create a balance between classical and modern notes in our dishes and their presentation. The experience we offer is not only a feast for the tongue, but also for the eye.” Alders’ love and passion for cooking truly radiates through the way he speaks about his profession.

The renowned top restaurant De Vrienden van Jacob prides itself on a Michelin star and many praising reviews in leading culinary magazines. The venue can host up to 40 guests and is located in the former summer drawing room and conservatory of the manor of Jacob Theodoor Cremer, which he had built between 1907 and 1909 to receive family and friends. Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg is located in Zuid-Kennemerland, an oasis of peace and nature amidst the hustle and bustle of the Randstad area. The location offers plenty of free parking space.

Dining on the terrace

If weather permits, dinner may also be served on the adjacent terrace from May through September (up to 40 guests). Managing Director Bernard Lensink: “Guests often asked us whether they could be served outside on the terrace. After a few internal adjustments, we are happy that we now arrange this. Having your drinks and dinner outside on our terrace while overlooking the classical English garden is a truly wonderful experience.”


When asked about the philosophy behind De Vrienden van Jacob, Executive Chef Alain Alders says: “First of all, we choose fair trade and fair flavours, which means that we procure as many ingredients as possible from suppliers who receive a fair price. Naturally, our dishes are both seasonal and regional, and I prefer to create light dishes without ingredients that are too dominant.”

What else is distinctive for De Vrienden van Jacob’? Alders: “Love for cooking; true passion. A personalised focus! For our guests, our colleagues, our suppliers. This is the only way I can and want to work. Aside from that, the right combination between wine and food is crucial. Before each dish comes on the menu, it is tasted by our kitchen and serving staff. This is when we look for the right food and wine combination. All staff members know exactly what they are cooking and serving, allowing us to offer our guests just that extra touch of premium service and quality. We highly value the total experience of our guests. We want people to feel at home straight away and give them a unique experience!”​​​​​​​

Executive Chef Alain AldersDe Kersentuin, the Amstel Hotel, De Hoefslag, and Corona in The Hague are a few of the culinary establishments where Alain has been able to develop his career. In 1996, he became head chef at Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg. A few years later, he was given the opportunity to add a top-quality restaurant. He followed several internships at renowned restaurants all over Europe. Working at the three-Michelin-star restaurant Akelare in San Sebástian particularly made a profound impact on him.

In 2002, De Vrienden van Jacob opened its doors with Alain Alders as the highly accredited Executive Chef. About his cooking style, Alders says: “Our dishes are inspired by the classical French cuisine, with a Mediterranean touch. Above all, top gastronomy should not be too rigid. I would describe my cooking style as ‘relaxed’.” Alders points out that, of course, talent and experience in the culinary world are very important. “But it is equally important to love what you do, each and every day. Without passion and optimal concentration, you cannot achieve the best results.”​​​​​​​

The final result usually consists of original combinations of ingredients and garnishes that are easily digestible and which, in terms of flavour, seamlessly complement each other. Alain Alders: “With our Gourmet menu, we try out new combinations. This menu serves as a kind of platform from which the best combinations earn their place on the restaurant menu, which changes quarterly. The wine list that accompanies the dishes completes the culinary feast.”​​​​​​​

“My vision is to improve the prosperity in and around Santpoort. Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg offers many opportunities to increase the local economy.”
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