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    Dec 2011

    Introducing Lars de Bois

    It is a pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Lars de Bois, 27 years old and I have been employed for over five years at Country Estate Duin & Kruidberg.  Since September 1st, 2011 I am the new kitchen chef of De Vrienden van Jacob, under the guidance of Executive Chef and SVH-Master chef, Alain Alders. Before September 1st, 2011, I was Souschef at the Estate.  

    How did I come into this profession?  

    When I was 15 years of age I started to search for a job on the side. Coincidentally I found a job as a dish washer at Restaurant de Bokkesprong in my village of Schoorl. Later on I became kitchen help in the same restaurant. My passion for cooking was born!

    Because I had found my place in the kitchen, I started a study at the Horizon College in Heerhugowaard to gain the certificate of independent operating cook. During this study I followed apprenticeships at various restaurants such as Restaurant De ware Jacob in Bergen, Restaurant Merlet in Schoorl and Restaurant de Bokkedoorns in Overveen.

    Later on I was employed as Chef de partie at Restaurant de Bokkedoorns and Restaurant Parkheuvel under the guidance of Mr. Helder. It was in this last top restaurant where I gained a lot of knowledge and experience.

    Thanks to a former colleague of mine I found this job at Restaurant De Vrienden van Jacob. The location and cosy atmosphere appeals to me very much. In my opinion De Vrienden van Jacob is a fine restaurant with great potential, passion and affection for cooking. Personally I am more than satisfied with both the restaurant and the atmosphere.

    After more than five years at Estate Duin & Kruidberg I received a new challenge, which I embraced with both hands: the new kitchen Chef of Restaurant De Vrienden van Jacob.

    It is my pleasure to welcome you at Restaurant De Vrienden van Jacob!

    Kind regards,

    Lars de Bois

    My favourite dish: a starter/intermediate of De Vrienden van Jacob.

    Mackerel with homemade mayonnaise, egg yolk, saffron and Dutch North Sea shrimps.

    However, as kitchen Chef one discovers new inspiring dishes time and again, dishes which deserve a special place in your heart.